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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my soap last?
A: There are a few factors to consider when determining how long a bar will last:
  • How many people are using the soap?
  • How often do you shower?
  • How are you using the soap?
  • How are you storing the bar when not in use?
  • How hairy is your body?
  • What type of water do you have?
Under typical conditions, a bar of soap will last two or more weeks for a single user in the shower if properly stored between uses.


Q: How should I store my soap?
A: Store your soap out of the direct stream of water on a soap dish that lets it dry completely between uses. Do not allow your bar to sit in pooling water. 


Q: Should I use a loofah/bath sponge?
A: No! Ditch your bath sponge and opt for one of our naturally exfoliating bars. Loofahs/ and sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and mold. 


Q: What makes the soap exfoliating?
A: In some bars, pumice, mustard seeds, or a combination of the two is used to provide different degrees of exfoliation. Black mustard seeds are rounded and provide a gentle scrubbing sensation that’s milder than pumice, which can be a bit more aggressive. 


Q: Will the colors stain?
A: The natural pigments wash away with water and don’t stain skin, clothes, or natural tile. 


Q: Can I use your soap on my face or hair?
A: We have formulated our body soap to be gentle on the skin, but it is not specifically designed for the face or hair. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know when our face bar is ready.


Q: Is the soap 100% all-natural?
A: Some of our soaps are 100% all-natural, and some use a tiny amount of man-made mica called fluorphlogopite for the sparkle on top--  which makes them 99.99% all-natural. Our “About Us” section explains how fluorphlogopite helps ensure child labor has no part in our products.